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What is Poken?

Poken is the Evolution of Lead Retrieval Systems

Poken is a Digital Business card that allows the easy exchange , and collection of information with a simple touch!

Poken is a powerful tool to increase networking efficiency between You and Attendees...

It’s an interactive experience that takes networking between participants to a whole new level by creating an

innovative, memorable and fun way to collect people, places and objects! Let’s explain how it works:

pokens – how you collect people! It all begins with a two-way, active communication tool, referred to as a poken

and powered by NFC technology. Poken enables you to collect and exchange digital information in the real

world with a simple touch. All attendees will receive a poken with their lanyards at registration. When

you meet an attendee – not just in your booth, but anywhere at the conference – simply touch your pokens together.

When two pokens touch, they glow.

That means you’ve just exchanged digital IDs tied to your contact information and links to social networks of the other person!

pokenTAG – how you collect places and objects!

A pokenTAG is an electronic sticker that can store digital documents and multimedia files.

Members simply touch their poken to the pokenTAG in your exhibit. Not only will that enable you to qualify

visitors to your exhibit, but members can collect your marketing materials in return.

This Go Green option helps to prevent the excessive waste of paper that normally happens at events.

pokenHUB – where you’ll measure your networking success!

The pokenHUB is a private online portal that aggregates and organizes all the people, places and objects you collected with your poken and pokenTAG. From your pokenHUB, you’ll be able to gather and organize all the details of the new contacts you met at this event, without the need for any data entry, and have them readily accessible by syncing them to all major contact management tools. Additionally, you will have access to the pokenHUB during the event and follow LIVE who and how many times people engaged with the marketing materials you displayed with your pokenTAG. A post-event activity report will also be made available to you. Maximum utility and fun!

Curious to learn more about poken? “Click here to watch video”

Benefits of Poken vs. Standard Lead Retrieval Services

A traditional lead retrieval system is bulky and boring! Not to mention you only get basic contact

information at the end of the day. With poken, you get so much more!

Serves as a fun ice breaker!

A poken is cool, fun and something all of our attendees will be wearing and talking about at the conference.

It will be an instant ice breaker and conversation starter for you.

Enables attendees to share all their contact details and social networking profiles with a touch – anywhere at the conference!

No worries if you meet an attendee outside your exhibit. Just touch your pokens together and you will collect the basic contact information you need, plus social networking profiles.

Creates a cost-saving and measurable solution to distribute marketing materials!

Far too much paper is wasted in the distribution of leaflets at events. Post your marketing materials to the pokenTAG and give attendees the power to collect offline, only the information they want to further explore. “Click here to see example”

Eliminates the need for post-processing stacks of business cards!

In the pokenHUB you’ll be able to instantly gather and organize all the details of your new contacts, without the need for any data entry, and have them readily accessible by uploading them to all major contact management tools (Salesforce, MS-Outlook, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird).

Provides an online platform where you can view, manage and share this information!

In the pokenHUB, you can discover more about all the people you met and all the places and things you collected with your poken. All this information is organized on an interactive “social timeline” that shows you who, what and when you collected. Manage your contacts, decide the contact information you want to share and explore the connections you made and the latest updates on their social networks. It is where you keep the conversations you started in real life going.

Generates high quality leads!

Whenever someone uses their poken to collect a digital file or a marketing brochure about your products or services at the conference, the pokenHUB post-event tracking and analytics tools will show you who and how many times people engaged with these materials. Now you can have relevant business conversations based on members’ real interests

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Poken explained video

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What to expect following the event;

you will receive an email containing your

Poken Exhibitor Report (excel file)

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training tutorial below!

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